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How To Support a Child's Discovery of Music 

Back-to-school season often means that kids are involved in music lessons again after a summer hiatus. Even if you are not a musician yourself, you can influence future musicians in their joy of learning and creative experimentation. 

For example, here are two perspectives of the same event -- When our son was 6 years old we acquired an old upright piano. I loved to hear him experiment with music. One day he joyfully told me to listen to the music he made up. He pounded out deep, bass notes in a marching…

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One of My Flaws 

I've always felt a bit "less-than" because the mechanics of music theory are not clear to me. I've had many music lessons over the years, I can read music and play piano and flute a bit, but I am just in awe of those keyboard artists who can look at a lead sheet and immediately play wonderful accompaniment. There are musicians who can transpose songs, and musicians who can look at a song without chords written in and immediately write a lead sheet if necessary. And then,--- those jazz musician of every…

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