The Oregon Coast Truly Wouldn't Change Me

“Where ever you go, there you are.”  When I first heard this quote it took me a minute to “get” it.

I’ve thought about it now and then over the years.  Now I realize that my environment may change, but I will still be the same person with the same good qualities, plus the same procrastinations and fears, no matter where I travel or live. Even if I had a boatload of money coming in every month and lived in a well-appointed cottage on the Oregon coast, I would still be struggling with stabilizing my mood swings, sporadic anxiety and my un-healthy eating habits.

Now, I’m learning new ways to live my life with happiness and confidence; I practice, and practice, healthy mental and physical habits and try to forgive myself when I am not perfect…like, you know, pretty much every day.

Update:  I am moving some of my original blog posts over to this site. I think they may still be relevant and useful. This was originally posted on July 25, 2011. I still don't have a boatload of money or a vacation cabin, but most days I am feeling much better mentally and even physically.  I ate both fruits and vegetables yesterday!!

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