Gratitude- What Do You Think? 

It is November, the month of thankfulness. I recently led discussions in several classrooms of first- and second-graders, children in the 6-8 year old age bracket. 

“What does it mean to be grateful?” 

A few hands were raised, ”Umm…it means to be nice??”  “Is it something about Christmas?” “I know..., if you push someone down then you should say ‘Sorry’.” 

I offered examples of gratitude, and understanding dawned on the little faces. In one class I said, “I am so grateful that we are all here together…

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The Oregon Coast Truly Wouldn't Change Me 

“Where ever you go, there you are.”  When I first heard this quote it took me a minute to “get” it.

I’ve thought about it now and then over the years.  Now I realize that my environment may change, but I will still be the same person with the same good qualities, plus the same procrastinations and fears, no matter where I travel or live. Even if I had a boatload of money coming in every month and lived in a well-appointed cottage on the Oregon coast, I would still be struggling with stabilizing my mood…

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