Part 2-Meeting The Storm-Surgery is Tomorrow 

Here we go-Part 2: meeting the storm head on. In my last “hurricane” post I reflected on how writing about the planned medical procedures of an unknown nature is so much like watching a hurricane approaching and  wondering how painful or devastating it might be. 

This past week has been filled with prepping lesson plans for my substitute for this next month, de-cluttering and organizing a room for my home recovery, following up on medical details. I even finished filling out my Durable Power of Attorney…

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How To Support a Child's Discovery of Music 

Back-to-school season often means that kids are involved in music lessons again after a summer hiatus. Even if you are not a musician yourself, you can influence future musicians in their joy of learning and creative experimentation. 

For example, here are two perspectives of the same event -- When our son was 6 years old we acquired an old upright piano. I loved to hear him experiment with music. One day he joyfully told me to listen to the music he made up. He pounded out deep, bass notes in a marching…

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My Personal Hurricane-Learning From the Downsizing of #Lane 

Part 1-Hurricane Lane was fast approaching the Hawaiian Islands. Our married son, who lives with his young family in Oahu, Face Timed us to give an update on their preparation for the storm. Our eight-year-old grandson bounded into the screen’s view for a moment. I asked him if he was going to write in his journal about the hurricane. He shrugged his shoulders. 

l gave him a suggestion, “Why don’t you write in your journal today about what you think the hurricane might be like, and then after the storm…

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One of My Flaws 

I've always felt a bit "less-than" because the mechanics of music theory are not clear to me. I've had many music lessons over the years, I can read music and play piano and flute a bit, but I am just in awe of those keyboard artists who can look at a lead sheet and immediately play wonderful accompaniment. There are musicians who can transpose songs, and musicians who can look at a song without chords written in and immediately write a lead sheet if necessary. And then,--- those jazz musician of every…

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Gratitude- What Do You Think? 

It is November, the month of thankfulness. I recently led discussions in several classrooms of first- and second-graders, children in the 6-8 year old age bracket. 

“What does it mean to be grateful?” 

A few hands were raised, ”Umm…it means to be nice??”  “Is it something about Christmas?” “I know..., if you push someone down then you should say ‘Sorry’.” 

I offered examples of gratitude, and understanding dawned on the little faces. In one class I said, “I am so grateful that we are all here together…

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The Oregon Coast Truly Wouldn't Change Me 

“Where ever you go, there you are.”  When I first heard this quote it took me a minute to “get” it.

I’ve thought about it now and then over the years.  Now I realize that my environment may change, but I will still be the same person with the same good qualities, plus the same procrastinations and fears, no matter where I travel or live. Even if I had a boatload of money coming in every month and lived in a well-appointed cottage on the Oregon coast, I would still be struggling with stabilizing my mood…

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