American Jazz Artist

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Andrea Densley is an American jazz artist, born in Seattle. Her childhood was filled with music from the classics to standards to the Western Cowboy songs sung at family gatherings. Both her parents were trained musicians and she learned to play the piano at a young age.

Performing in showcases in Las Vegas and on the live television show, The New Gong Show, honed Andrea's performance skills and deepened her appreciation for collaborating with skilled musicians. In the greater Seattle area she has performed with The Jazz Senators, The Johnny Lewis Band, Swing Fever of Washington, and jazz saxophonist Rob Scheps. One of her favorite events was singing at the Washington State Governor's mansion in a private event that honored Enterprise For Equity,  a nonprofit that helps people with limited incomes start and sustain small businesses.

Facing startling medical challenges in her life has deepened Andrea's empathy and caused her to be an insightful speaker as well as an entertaining singer.  She spends time volunteering in her church community and teaches classes in the Arts to children at a local elementary school.

Andrea and her husband, Jim, have raised six talented children and enjoy any chance to spend time with them,  their spouses and their growing gaggle of grandkids.